Posted by Vicki on Mar 28, 2008

I make no guarentees that I spelt that right!!! *LOL*

In any case I started seeing a chiro. on Tuesday, at the urging of my very painful back…*L*…I have had back and neck problems for just about as far back as I can remember, but never paid much attention to it…I had seen a few chiro.s years and years ago, and was never happy with the results, so I just stopped going. Well, a friend of mine had recently started seeing this chiro, and suggested that I go there.

And so begins the saga of seeing Dr Bauman…*LOL*….He uses a computer to do the “adjusting” which is a lot less painful than him physically doing it, and I would imagine more precise, because the computer tells him exactly which vertabrae need adjusting, so he can just adjust that one, instead of “popping” my whole back.

In any case, my back is pretty messed up…He saw me 3 times this week, and will do so for the next 5 weeks as well….My back has not shown much improvement as of yet, but my next is feeling 10 times better!!! He said it would take some time for the back to realize that it is being put where it’s supposed to be, so it will stay alligned better…

Thank goodness for insurance to pay for all of these visits!!

Busy Day

Posted by Vicki on Mar 23, 2008

I didn’t get up this morning until about 11am, due to a massive headache, but after I did get up, it has been catch-up time….Got my digital camera hooked up, and the software downloaded, so that I could email some pics to a friend…Got the trash taken out. I have vacuumed, and picked up the house, with the girls’ help. Have been washing and drying laundry all day….have done something like 4 loads, and still have 2 or 3 more to do….I have folded part of it, but still need to put it away…..and currently I am trying to catch up on some computer time….*LOL*….

Seems I haven’t had much time for blogging lately. So I am over at my other blog doing some entries, paid and unpaid, and thought I’d pop in over here and do an entry as well!!

I still don’t really have a direction for this blog, and I might never have one…*LOL*.. I’ve never been that good about direction…I tend to jump all over the place, and I imagine that is what I will do here as well….You readers haven’t seemed to mind…*LOL* Or you are too polite to tellĀ  me that you mind anyway….

Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for now….Want to get my paid entries done, and acouple more unpaid ones..and I need to get these clothes put away, and do some more laundry.

*hugs* to all my friends!!

Not Long Enough

Posted by Vicki on Mar 17, 2008

The weekend flew by much too quickly! I didn’t get hardly anything done, but I suppose such is life, or at least my life. Before I knew it, it was Sunday night again, and time for me to go to work again…Course it didn’t help that my back had been hurting really badly since Saturday, so all of Sunday was spent in bed. I slept off and on, and was almost late for work as well…Woke up at 9:30p, and about freaked!! I asked Des why she hadn’t woken me up, and she said it was because I hadn’t asked her too…Couldn’t blame her, since I hadn’t asked her too, and I should have set my alarm anyway…I never imagined that I would fall asleep that late in the evening, since I had been sleeping on and off all day, as my back would allow. In anycase, it all worked out.

Well, as you can see, I haven’t gotten much work on this blog done…It was on my to-do list for this weekend, but just never got to it…Along with about a 100 other things. I did get some things gone through, some thrown away, others put away…that is about all I got done though….

For more info on my weekend, pop over to my other blog…


Still Working

Posted by Vicki on Mar 9, 2008

Well as you can see, I am still setting up things on this blog. But I am making progress. I still have quite a few friends to add to my blogroll, and some other things to add to my sidebar, but time is short, as always.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am still around, and working on this blog.

Hello world!

Posted by Vicki on Mar 3, 2008

Hello, I just wanted to stop by and let you all know that I am currently working on this site, and hope to have it up and going in the next few days. Complete with a longer entry!

Thank you for your patience!